3M provides a wide array of innovative products for the construction industry that are manufactured to perform and make your applications easier. The products include; air barrier products, fire protection, tapes and insulation cladding.


3M 3015 family of air, vapor and wall flashing membranes is an innovative and revolutionary self-adhered membrane that uses non-asphaltic-based adhesives extending the installation temperature range between -18°C to 66°C (0°F to 150°F). It does not require primer for most substrates and can withstand up to 12 months of direct UV exposure. The 10-mil engineered sheet membrane self-seals against nail fasteners and penetrations. It also conforms to contours for continuous bonded contact. 3M 3015 is not known to have any compatibility issues with competitive brands of commonly used membranes, silicone, polyurethane or latex based sealants and caulking. 3M 3015 is available in many widths and offered in the following types:

3015 NP – is a primerless, non-permeable (vapour closed) translucent self-adhered air and vapor barrier membrane.

3015 VP – is a primerless vapour permeable (breathable) self-adhered air barrier membrane with a perm rating of 16.

3M 3015 VP – is easily distinguishable from of the leading brands of breathable membranes with its reverse wind and unique material composition making it best in class.

3015 TWF – (Through Wall Flashing) is a non-permeable self-adhered air and vapor barrier membrane with enhanced durability designed to withstand the rigours of through wall flashing applications.

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3M is proudly recognized as the industry leader in Passive Fire Protection (firestopping). Our dedication to stringent testing and code development continues to help make buildings safer today than before. When that dedication is backed by a brand as powerful as 3M, you get what you would expect – proven reliability and outstanding performance. The construction industry is increasingly moving toward easy-to-use firestop solutions. That’s why 3M, in its leadership role, provides cutting-edge and fully integrated systems. These systems are designed to help you efficiently build safer buildings that protect lives and property. The majority of 3M’s firestopping innovations are tested on-site in the company’s own UL, ULC and Intertek certified fire-test centre. By testing these systems in job-specific conditions, we can adapt to changing construction techniques and advances in materials composition with high-quality, effective firestopping solutions.

DIV7 has unmatched technical expertise in the area of passive fire protection and will supply you with the right 3M systems to make sure your job gets done right.  3M Fire Barrier products are readily available in distributors throughout Canada.

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3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing System is a zero permeability, self-adhesive jacket that delivers significant advantages over competitive cladding and traditional jacketing techniques.

Designed with Mechanical Engineers, Architects and Contractors in mind, this insulation weatherproofing system exceeds most building code requirements and installs quickly and easily on insulated pipe or duct with no special tools and prevents moisture from migrating into insulation, prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) and helps prevent mold. 3M™ VentureClad™ applies easily at temperatures as cold as -23˚C (-10˚F) with a service temperature range from -70˚C to 148˚C (-94˚F to 300˚F)

Long-term reliability and fast, simple application all rolled into one high performing insulation jacketing system. That’s 3M innovation at work.

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