Environmental Stewardship

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is an internationally accepted rating structure for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. With it, building owners and operators have the tools to make an immediate and measurable positive impact via their buildings.

Over 10,000 building professionals (engineers, architects, project managers) have earned the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) designation in Canada. They believe in environmentally sustainable building design, construction and operation.


Green building practices are increasing rapidly throughout all facets of the building industry. Green buildings mean healthy individuals, communities, and their surrounding environments. No matter where your market niche is -- as a public agency, builder and developer, architect, or affordable housing advocate-- green building offers benefits to you.

LEED certification was initially developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The standard is attained by utilizing environmentally friendly building practices during construction or remodeling. The model was developed in 1998 to encourage environmental awareness amongst government agencies, architects, engineers, developers, and builders. That tactic worked.

LEED certification can be attained on four different levels, which are determined by a credit, or point, system. The levels of certification are Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. A building or project can attain LEED certification by submitting an application that documents compliance with the requirements designated in the rating system.

Some of the practices utilized or observed for LEED certification include the use of recycled material, eliminating or reducing the amount of waste leaving a job site, re-using existing material, using sustainable green building material, and using low-emitting organic volatiles (ie LVOC) materials such as sealant, adhesives. DIV7 is proud to say that a large selection of the construction systems we endorse are manufactured with recycled or post-consumer materials.

DIV7 can advise you on a strategic Green Building plan for your next project.

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