Cembrit is one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-capability fibre-cement building products. Cembrit offers a wide range of Durable Products and solutions for Facade, Roofing, Indoor and Build. Our products and solutions add exciting new design opportunities for moulding attractive, durable settings for people’s lives.

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The Self-Ventilating / Rain-screen Facade

A self-ventilating facade is a construction which helps minimise temperature variations in the wall throughout the year by underlying construction against weather, wind and moisture.
The natural ventilation construction minimises condensation by means of a chimney effect. The air enters at the bottom of the structure and on its way up through the facade takes moisture-laden air through the ventilation openings at the top of the structure or at window or door openings.

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Cembrit Facade Installation on Steel (Download)
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Cembrit Facade Installation on Wood (Download)


American Fiber Cement – Distributor for Cembrit in North America

For over 30 years, American Fiber Cement has partnered with Cembrit to manufacture state-of-the-art, high density fiber cement products. Applications include interior and exterior cladding, attachment systems, and decorative surface design offering innovative architects an exciting design element that can be used on contemporary projects.

Our east and west coast facilities fabricate, custom package, and ship to customers throughout the United States and Canada. We fabricate using advanced machinery with numerical control saws and routers to custom cut and drill panels to any required specification.

Our technical staff is available to consult with architects and installers regarding specifications, installation tips, and on-site training. All products marketed by American Fiber Cement are backed by comprehensive warranties. Contact us for more details.