Watson Bowman Acme is a worldwide leader and a recognized innovator in the development and manufacture of expansion joint control systems for the construction industry. Watson Bowman has a complete line of architectural interior, exterior and fire protection construction joints to meet your project’s needs.

Wabo Interior Wall and Ceiling Joint Systems

Wabo® FastWall

Wabo® Contour II

Wabo® SeismicCover

Wabo® SeisMax Plus

Wabo® WeatherSeam

Wabo® CorridorWrap

Wabo® TwinSeam

WABO® FastWall

WABO® Contour II

Wabo Interior and Exterior Compression / Foam Joint Systems

WABO® Compression Seal

WABO® InverSeal

WABO® FastWall

WABO® H Seal

FIRE BARRIER Joint Systems


WABO® FireFlex

WABO® FlameGuard II

WABO® Fireshield V

Wabo Roof Joint Systems

WABO® Flash

WABO® Flash Corner

WABO® RoofCave

Wabo® Interior Floor Joint Systems

Wabo® Allure

Wabo® SeisMax Plus

Wabo® SeismicFloor

Wabo® SeismicPan

Wabo® VIP

Wabo® ConvexCover

Wabo® FastFloor

Wabo® HingeMount

Wabo® TwinSeam

Wabo® CorridorWrap

Wabo® CompressionSeal

Wabo® SeismicFloor (FNB)

Wabo® Allure (AFJ)

Wabo® VIP System

Wabo® TwinSeam

Wabo® CorridorWrap